Public Outreach and Right to the Night Sky

Public Outreach

Astronomical Public Outreach is one of my favourite activities. I have given many talks, courses and participated in tens of events related with teaching and outreach of Astronomy together with amateurs, teachers and students of all ages.

The Right to the Night Sky

From some years ago, I am the Director of the University Outreach Project: The Right to the Night Sky for young prisioners

The main objective of the project is to strengthen the access to fundamental rights of young prisioners, based on the realization of astronomy workshops. These are recreational and educational activities that take place outdoors in the evening, to promote the relationship human-landscape, through observation of the starry night sky. This project is based on the fact that education and recreation are highlighted in various international, national and provincial legislation as a Human Right and as one of the fundamental objectives in the framework of the fulfillment of the sentence imposed on young people deprived of their freedom. On the other hand, the teaching of astronomical knowledge in these selected Closed Centers, allows advancement in broader objectives of training young extension workers in an interdisciplinary group formed by students and professionals in Education Sciences, Advocacy, Social Work, Psychology, Communication, Physical Education and Astronomy and produce didactic material that documents the experience and serves as a proposal and input for future projects. As a closure, guided tours of the audience are carried out to the Observatory and Planetarium, allowing these young people to approach the public spaces of knowledge offered by the university and vice versa.