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- CAMPBELL CR1000 Data adq.
- ALi m6117 WDT for Linux
- Star I CCD Camera Control
- Tipper
- iso2709 tools (ISIS)

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GNU CAMPBELL Data Acquisition (gcampda) for GNU/Linux
Gnu CAMPbell Data Acquisition is designed to transfer data from CR1000 datalogger over serial or TC/IP. It maintain plain text file which the data and some telemetry information. The program is completely writing in c from the scratch for our acquisition propose, not for configuring the device.
ALi M6117 Watchdog timer driver for Linux 2.4.x
ALi (Acer Labs) M6117 is an i386SX Intel's compatible chip which watchdog timer included on it. Watchdog timer uses a 32.768KHz clock on a 24 bits counter.
Star I: Camera Control for Photometrics Star I CCD runing on GNU/Linux
The software consist of camera control daemon (it run on host computer connected to camera controller via GPIB (IEEE-488) interface), and a command line client interface running on any other computer (or the same).
Tipper: Measurement of atmospheric opacity at 210 GHz
The on-line data is here: http://www.iar.unlp.edu.ar/~fede/cgi-bin/tipper.pl
The white paper (in Spanish) about data acquisition and transport is here: http://www.iar.unlp.edu.ar/~fede/pub/tipper/memo-85.pdf
ISO 2709
This program is to correct the ISO 2709 created by ISIS.
Download it in: http://www.iar.unlp.edu.ar/~fede/pub/biblio/iso_tools-0.1.0.tar.gz
and find documentation in spanish here

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