Gamma-ray astronomy is nowadays a rapidly progressing field. From the approximately 300 sources listed in the Third EGRET Catalog in 1999, the number has grown to about 2000 with the detections made with satellites like Fermi and Cherenkov telescopes like MAGIC, HESS, and VERITAS. The present challenges are to identify the nature of the many new sources and to explain the mechanisms of gamma-ray production, with the aim of gaining insight into the physical conditions in the emission region.

My research is focused on the modeling of gamma-ray sources from a theoretical and phenomenological point of view. During my PhD and postdoc I worked on a lepto-hadronic, inhomogeneous model for the radiation of jets in X-ray binaries (microquasars) and its applications to some specific sources. The motivation was to investigate the efficiency of microquasars to produce high and very high-energy photons, and asses their detectability with the presently available and future gamma-ray detectors.

Currently, I am working to apply new tools to refine the characterization of the jets (such as numerical simulations), and to expand the radiative model to study, among other issues, the polarization of the high-energy emission.

I develop my research as an Assistant Researcher of the Argentinian National Research Council (CONICET) at the National Institute for Radioastronomy (Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomía, IAR). I am also a member of the Group of Relativistic Astrophysics and Radioastronomy (GARRA).

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Academic activities

I am in charge of the practical assignments in the Chair of Relativistic Astrophysics of the School of Astronomy and Geophysics at La Plata University. We offer two courses aimed at graduate and undergraduate students every year: Introduction to Black Hole Astrophysics and Introduction to Relativistic Astrophysics. Special seminars are periodically offered as well, lectured by well-known specialists in the fields of relativistic astrophysics and gravitation.

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